DOWNLOAD Brian Landrus Orchestra "GENERATIONS"


DOWNLOAD Brian Landrus Orchestra "GENERATIONS"

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Composed and Arranged by Brian Landrus 2017
This CD will be released July 28, 2017 BlueLand Records

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The musicians in the orchestra are:
Jamie Baum - flute, alto flute
Tom Christensen - oboe, flute
Darryl Harper - clarinet
Landrus - bass clarinet
Michael Rabinowitz - bassoon
Alden Banta - contrabassoon
Ralph Alessi - trumpet
Igmar Thomas-trumpet
Debbie Schmidt - horn
Alan Ferber - trombone
Marcus Rojas - tuba
Brandee Younger - harp
Joe Locke - vibraphone
Billy Hart, Justin Brown - drums
Sara Caswell, Mark Feldman, Joyce Hammann, Meg Okura - violins
Lois Martin, Nora Krohn - viola
Jody Redhage, Maria Jeffers - cello
Jay Anderson, Lonnie Plaxico - bass
JC Sanford - conductor
Bob Aldridge - producer
Frank Carlberg - producer
Brian Landrus - producer

Recorded at Systems Two in Brooklyn, NY January 4-5 , 2017
by Mike Marciano
Mixed by John Kilgore at John Kilgore Sound
Mastered by Alan Silverman at ARF! Mastering

Music Composed and Arranged by Brian Landrus