BlueLand Records is proud to announce debut release from The Brian Landrus Quartet, Traverse!

The Brian Landrus Quartet was formed in the spring of 2010. The quartet focuses on traditional jazz. Most of their repertoire consists of originals by Landrus, although they do play standards in every concert/recording. The quartet made it's recording debut with BlueLand Records in August 2010 with the recording Traverse.  The band is: Brian Landrus on baritone saxophone & bass clarinet, Michael Cain on piano, Lonnie Plaxico on bass, and Billy Hart on drums. The debut CD Traverse is being released 2-1-2011. Click here to preview/purchase the album.


Brian Landrus launches independent record label, BlueLand Records!

BlueLand Records was founded by Brian Landrus in 2010.

I started this record label to release the music that I created which was hard to confine into a spefic genre.I grew up living and enjoying many styles of music, most of which incorporate improvisation. 

The label will be releasing two records this year, and will release 2-4 records a year in the future. Thank you very much for finding us and I truly hope you enjoy the music we bring to you.

— Brian Landrus